Wow, there are so many ways to monetize on the web, why do shifty advertisers have to “take” people’s hard earned money!! I am so sick and tired of promoting companies online, only to get streams of unsatisfied emails later, by customers who actually “think” I am the fulfillment company or merchant.

I take as much time as I usually can to investigate the issues, but generally in the weight loss niche and anti aging niche, there appear to be issues. Some get overbilled, some return product and cancel but still get billed, and most just didnt read the terms and conditions of the offers, so end up getting billed at months end, when they forget to cancel their trial or simply cannot.

Liv Norm Cleanse and Get Slender HCG are 2 offers that I have seen do well, and customers appear happy. It’s not often this happens, so when it does I like to pass that information along to the advertisers themselves.

If you market products online, be prepared for “horror stories”, fraudulent schemes, and a whole host of other issues. If you are in the market for weight loss products, then definitely consider them. They actually appear to have customer support and product.